Peilin Sports Investment Promotion Policy


For 14 years, Peilin Sports has been focusing on the fields of smart sports high school entrance examination, physical examination, and rope skipping. It is one of the earliest enterprises in related fields in China.


Always imitated, never surpassed. Has dozens of patents, of which 30% are invention patents.


With a world-class R&D team, 30% of the company’s members are well-known architects from Fortune 500 companies.


The only authorized license of the General Administration of Sports “China Rope Skipping Equipment and Equipment Research and Development Center”, a national high-tech enterprise, etc.


Stable functions, accurate counting, patent protection, etc., are recognized as the first choice for skipping ropes for high school entrance examinations in China, and have a high brand reputation.


Own a unique digital sports platform, including the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other high-tech, with sports prescription analysis.

Agent Process

  1. Get in touch with the person in charge of investment promotion of our company by E-mail, telephone, WeChat or by visiting our website.
  2. Provide relevant certification materials of the company or individual operator (ID card, industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, etc.).
  3. The company conducts a qualification review of the company or individual operator applying for the regional agent (including the company’s or individual operator’s financial strength, network resources, market resources, market expansion capabilities, etc.).
  4. After the initial review is passed, the submission shall be approved by the general manager of the company.
  5. After the company applying for the regional agent has been approved, it will sign the relevant agreement, sign and seal it, and submit it to the company for archiving.
  6. The “Agency Agreement” is signed by the company’s examination and approval office. After the company seals, the two parties archive it, enter the formal cooperation, and implement the agreed content of the agreement.
  7. The company issues a regional agency authorization letter or authorization card, and obtains the regional agent qualification, agency authorization letter or authorization card for the company’s products.

Agent’s Rights

I. Enjoy the right to use the brand

The “Peilin Sports” trademark is the exclusive registered trademark of the company, and the agent can obtain the relevant use rights free of charge, and obtain favorable conditions to develop together with the company’s brand promotion.

II. Enjoy the right to operate regional protection

The company has C-end product series and B-end product series, and implements different agency policies according to level and regional agency. The company has a standardized and scientific regional protection system. Once an agent signs an exclusive management contract, they can obtain the right of regional protection, enjoy the same level of price rights and interests, and can develop lower-level agents in their own area to obtain long-term economies of scale.

III. Enjoy the right to huge sales profits

  1. According to the company’s agency policy, enjoy the same level of agency reserve price supply standards.
  2. According to the company’s rebate standard, in the area under the jurisdiction of the agent, the company enjoys a generous sales rebate according to the level of the agent and the corresponding proportion, and the cumulative amount of subsequent purchases.
    Fourth, enjoy the contract priority

IV. Contract renewal priority

When the contract expires between the two parties, if there is no violation of the contract, the agent can have the priority to renew the contract, and the company approves it.

V. Enjoy the right to use VI image design

Free to enjoy the company’s VI image, the resource sharing of the office management system, and the company to teach and guide.

VI. Enjoy the product priority agency

The company will continue to develop new products in the fields of smart sports high school entrance examination, intelligent physical test, cloud skipping, cloud platform, etc. The product line will cover a more comprehensive market, and agents will enjoy the priority distribution rights of new products.

Agent Support

I. Brand Support

The company relies on strong research and development, production and integrated marketing methods to shape the company’s strong brand image. Provide agents with mature market operations, brand promotion, management ideas, business concepts, and operating procedures, so that agents can share brand resources, and they can be successful as long as they are simply copied.

II. Marketing Support

The company has tailored a set of effective marketing plans for each agent, from the early stage of market research, risk assessment, employee training, to the later stage of sales guidance, market development, marketing promotion, public relations, market supervision, etc. Always assist.

III. Advertising Support

Perennial advertising support creates a foundation for brand value enhancement. The company will place advertisements in major media across the country: newspapers, magazines, websites, and TV stations, and will gradually increase the amount of advertising.

IV. Training Support

The company provides relevant training support from management to technical services for each agent, and provides follow-up services. Free training of professional and technical personnel for agents, senior engineering technicians guide the whole process.

V. Technical Support

In order to maintain a leading position, the company will continue to introduce international and domestic leading products, technologies and outstanding talents, and improve and upgrade existing products and technologies, so that agents can fully obtain continuous technical support.

VI. Business Negotiation Support

According to the characteristics of different regions, the headquarters has a special person for directional tour guidance. When the agents conduct group sales or bid for large orders, the headquarters can assign a business team to assist in negotiation and signing, and use the brand advantages and strength of the headquarters to win respect and promote cooperation.

VII. Follow-up Support

Agents can participate in various social public relations activities, experience exchange meetings, technical seminars, commendation meetings, agent meetings, etc. held by the company free of charge; enjoy free company information and materials; relevant industry associations and other company social relations resources support.

VII. After-sales Support

The headquarters provides real-time consultation services (telephone, online consultation, etc.)

Agent Requirements

  1. Must be a legal operator or a separate legal entity.
  2. After becoming our agent, you need to have a venue to display our products and display promotional materials.
  3. There are 3-5 professional sales teams and more than 1 technical teacher.
  4. Comply with our company’s product channel business specifications, and accept the coordination of our product quotations in the event of multiple competitions.
  5. Assist our company to participate in local industry exhibitions and various seminars and other activities.
  6. Regularly participate in the company’s marketing activities, promotions and related training.
  7. Send market information feedback to the headquarters in a timely manner, so that the headquarters can better make product upgrade iterations and business layout decisions.
  8. Maintaining the intellectual property rights of the company’s products shall not be disclosed and used at will.

Evaluation and Rewards

  1. Evaluate according to the agent’s purchase volume and payment efficiency;
  2. Evaluate the completion of the sales tasks formulated by the agents;
  3. According to the agent’s cooperation in the terminal operation process, with the company’s overall sales and promotion cooperation;
  4. Evaluate according to the agent’s annual channel expansion;
  5. Evaluate according to the brand building in the area where the agent belongs, and whether there is any bad business record (such as smuggling, price reduction, major customer complaints, etc.);
  6. Evaluate according to whether all sales and promotion personnel of the agent and its subordinate channels meet the requirements of the headquarters’ business skills.

Franchise consulting

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